The first month of hijri calendar is Muharram. 

The month which has so many lessons to render. 

The importance of hijrat in itself serve  significant lesson. 

The importance of the 10th day of Muharram  is reported as the blessing when Allah swt granted victory to Prophet Moosa a. s back then and protected the children of Israel from the tyrant Pharaoh and his oppressions.

Fasting on this day was practised by Prophet Moosa a. s and Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), fasting on this day expiates many sins.

(By His will). 
The month of Muharram reminds of 

the tragedy of Karbala, it inspires the struggle, the courage and steadfastness of Hussain r. a to stand and fight against baatil like a solid cemented structure with no compromise – an inspiration for us all to imbibe and carry forward. 

Still we have the Pharoahs and Baatil, 

the question we need to ask ourselves is – the love we claim and declare for Hussain r. a is it really in our veins and blood or is this just another hearsay or illusion?
The real love for Hussain r. a is not to mourn his death as the ones who are slain in the way of The Lord are not dead, they are martyrs, shaheed and their martyrdom are not vain, they are living in the hearts of the mortals and they are living in the sight of The Lord, though we perceive it not!

Hussain r. a is the real hero who lived like a hero and who was martyred in the way forward for haqq. 
The real heroes always leave their marks in such a way that one cannot ignore. 
To love them is to follow them.

To love them is to feel their spark and 

To feel what would have been their actions had they been present amongst us in this scenario. 

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