The hero who is now the main accused

“You think by getting cylinders from outside you have saved lives and are a hero, we will see about that,” said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to young doctor Kafeel Khan during his visit to Baba Raghav Das hospital in his home constitutency Gorakhpur. This was after over 70 children had died because of a shortage of oxygen, crucial as medication in encephalitis cases.

Dr.Kafeel Khan
rushed trying to secure oxygen to save the dying children. It is an acknowledged fact amongst Gorakhpur’s medical community that had this doctor not taken the initiative, the toll would have been far higher. However, instead of thanking him and handing out the awards that the state government uses as doles, Adityanath rebuked him in front of several staff members during his visit to the hospital. He was not in charge, was on duty in another ward, but rushed to save the children, working through the night.

Imagine! Dr Kafeel Khan, now is the main acccused.

He was brought to district hospital for medical checkup today under strict security.

Dr Khan was brought to the hospital two days after his wife alleged that her jailed husband was being denied medical care.

Shortly after Adityanath’s ‘will teach you a lesson’ attitude according to sources who had heard him, Khan was suspended. The Citizen spoke to him at the time, found him terrified, and too scared to say a word. All he said was, “they are after me, I cannot speak” and switched off his phone. Others in Gorakhpur who knew him said he was scared, and under tremendous mental pressure. As a senior doctor told The Citizen, “Dr Khan is a good man, well known, diligent and did what any conscientious doctor would do. He has been penalised and jailed for a crime that is not his.”

Imagine! Helping out the innocents is also criminalised!

Dr Kafeel’s wife, Dr Shabistan Khan on Tuesday expressed her fear that her husband and other doctors involved in the BRD case could be killed, as happened in the NRHM case in UP.

But yes, who cares?

A system for the people?


The system has failed its own people and if people start helping each other and this exposes the system then lo and behold you are the criminal.

O’ our Lord!
We ask You to help us against this oppression


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