Maya Kodnani’s acquittal should not surprise us

News – The Gujarat HC today acquitted former minister Maya Kodnani and upheld the conviction of Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangiin connection with the 2002 Naroda Patiya massacre case. However, the court commuted Bajrangi’s life until death sentence to 21 years in prison

Comment – Expected!
Had it been justice, it would have been shocking.

Babu bajrangi will also be relieved in near future.

What else to expect if the prime murderer was given clean chit from the supreme court?

So the recent few “Vikas” in some lines –

No one raped muslim, Kashmiri 8 year old girl Asifa inside the temple, as reported by Hindi newspaper Dainik jaagran which has now deleted that story after it went viral.

No body was involved in muzaffarnagar riots as all the cases are withdrawn.

2007 Mecca masjid seems bombed itself or it must be a conspiracy by Muslims themselves to tarnish the image of Hindus (as 100 Muslim men were framed for it and were released then in 2008)

Justice Loya, (who was conducting a trial in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case — Amit Shah – the accused and the president of BJP), died a suspicious, unnatural death and Justice Loya’s death is not even considered to get probed!

Needless to mention the widespread lynchings with no strict accountability.

And the recent admission of BJP Manish Chandela’s burning down the Rohingya refugee camp in Delhi, yes the complaint is filed but he will be free and will soon be given a ministry or a big post as an award for this.

All in the name of fighting Muslims – presented to you as potential threats and terrorists, all in the name of religion, and you say don’t mix religion and politics when we highlight all this?

Religion was always mixed with politics, always.

Secularism is a myth.

It all depends, how religion is used or misused as a tool and medium to deliver justice and peace or to polarise and attain the selfish benefits.

It depends.

Religion is something which makes one to have a sense of accountability infront of God, but it also can be misused well to have a blind following and spread mischief all in the name of peace.

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