The flaws in the bill.

First of all, The SC judgment effectively means that after the pronouncements of talaq three times at one go, the marriage in still intact and the man and the woman remain husband and wife, so if they remain husband and wife then why punish the husband and criminalize him with punishment as grave as three years in jail and when he is in jail then how can he at the same time will be able to provide for the maintenance as well, which is also prescribed by the bill to provide for? 

Seems like, it is not about justice but another way to carry us into deep debates to deviate from the issues of the government where they have failed miserably.

Justice doesnot mean women empowerment only, Justice means that even women are not given such weapons at their disposal that they start terrorising their own husbands with the blunt weapon the government is giving them in the name of empowerment.

This doesnot mean that I am saying muslim women will start behaving so or I am generalising all.

But yes, let’s accept the reality in every marriage there happens at some or the other point of time some disputes and differences and debates and arguments, and we know as there are men who oppress women, there exists women too who oppress men and having such a blunt weapon they can emotionally blackmail the husbands.

Imagine! How a husband will prove that he has not given instant triple talaq to his wife and his wife is lying, as only the statement of wife is enough to say that her husband has given triple talaq at one go and according to the bill the police can arrest the husband even without the warrant. And in such a case, the husband will be criminalise, put to jail. In such cases, the men are bound to suffer as their whole carrier will now be shattered and even women will suffer as her husband is in jail for three years and she cannot remarry as per the SC the divorce didnot happen so when the divorce didnot take place at first place then how can she remarry again?

I am no legal expert but then too the flaws are so big that even I can see such loopholes in it.

I mean such a weird and flawed bill!!!!

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  1. I think enough is said about this matter. Now the point is only one who refuses to accept the ruling and throws his wife and children out who have to be punished. When that is the case
    what about the thousands of women thrown into the streets by unscrupulous men who abandon their women without even given them their liberty?
    Are they to be allowed to go Scot free.
    And what about the thousands of widows left to fend for themselves without any support and humiliated and haŕrassed by society as untouchables.
    What about those widows in varnasi who have to pass their lives without any light down the tunnel.. no future for them.
    Let us fight for their rights.
    Let us stand for them as they stood for in our crisis of triple Taĺaq.

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