That kaanch ka tukda

SubhanAllah! I was having my meal (home made kadhaai paneer) cooked by me that means with all hygiene maintained and care taken as I’m quite concerned about it, and all of a sudden I realised that something is in my mouth while chewing my bite and I saw this big kaanch ka tukda in my bite.

Alhamdulillah, He swt saved me but I was wondering where it came from, I myself cooked the food? But what left me in amazement was the mercy of Allah swt, The Protective Friend, Al Wali, Who saved me from such a hazardous thing to enter my system and this is something I noticed and was grateful for but there are innumerable hazardous incidents, especially the times where we think we are in safest mode, which we even do not know about that they too have some dangers involved and that He swt is protecting us beautifully, even without our knowing.

AllahuAkbar, Walillahil hamd.

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