Safa and Marwa

For me it was a very emotional moment and I just wept and wept and wept, I never knew I will weep so much on safa and marwa, never ever thought!

It was indeed remarkable to remember that how Hajar a.s went from Safa to Marwa and from Marwa to Safa in quest of some help for her thirsty, weeping baby (Ismael a.s).

Her firm tawakkul upon Allah swt and her actions (of searching for water) is such an amazing example for us to reflect upon, in times of azmaaish.
SubhanAllah, She did not carry any bad opinions about Allah swt, she trusted Him and she acted as well.

The area is now quite cold because of air conditioners and there is zam zam water arrangements at small distances as well while doing this rukn, so obviously it is indeed hard how she would have felt in that hot desert, alone, no help, no water and with a crying baby.

Ya Rabb! Give us this attitude of our mother Hajar a.s. of tawakkul accompanied with actions Ameen.

Seeing how everyone, be they male or female, everyone has to do this compulsory ritual, I thought –

Log kehte hai Islam aurto ko dabaata hai, Allah swt ne Hajar a.s ke qadam par pura ek rukun rakhdiya, sabko chala diya unke qadamo par.

SubhanAllahi wabihamdihi ❤

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