Stones or Whims

I was wondering with all this issue of allegation of finding the Shiv ling in a mosque in India,
I was wondering how can someone worship Shiv ling (private part of the mythological figure Shiv) but then I wondered why I wonder as we can expect anything from people who can bow down to anything!

And then I came across this poster here in west and I realised that not only stone worshippers surprise us but all those people who worship their whims in some form or the other, because they have made their ilah (Rabb) their nafs, in such cases.

SubhanAllah! How derogatory this poster is where the hijab wearing women are shown under LGBTQIA poster.

This is how they worship their desires and whims and even impart and normalize something which is forbidden in Islam, this is how their “freedom” works, if you will resist (which technically you are free to do), BUT you will not be allowed to do as it doesn’t fit into their definition of freedom, whereas in country like Sweden, Quran burning comes under freedom of speech and expression.

We should also check ourselves as to whom we have taken our ilah (Rabb), to whom we submit to society, majority, trend or fame or have we become nothing but stones, with no thinking at all?

Some are open in their hatred toward Muslims all by their venomous tongues and hatred actions,
Others are spreading adulteration in beliefs through such ideas of love and images.

Islamophobia is everywhere, everyone has their own ways.
Some are doing it with venom, others are doing it with coated sugar in form of “love”

May Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala, Al Hafeez protect us all from all filth ameen.

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