Flowers or Weeds

SubhanAllah! I was delighted to see yellow beautiful flowers blooming themselves but then my husband told me not to be so delighted as they are weeds and infact consuming the nutrition of the natural grass as well.
I realised how naive it was on my part to be happy on “beautiful weeds”.
We need to realise we have such weeds within our family structures, within our communities and especially within the scholars who seems very flowery and they look beautiful outside but actually they are doing what the weeds do, they are consuming even the nutrition of the natural grass, the green grass (symbolizing the people, the cream who could have flourished green but their nutrition from enlightenment didn’t reach them, thus retarding or stopping their growth).
May we realise all such weeds within us and within ummah.
May we realise about all those who have reduced Islam to mere religion and some rituals and have not put forward it as a deen to the natural green.

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