Stick to your identity

“Dangai ko unke kapdo se pehchaana jaasakta hai.”

Said the PM of the world’s largest democracy!

He has delivered such a communal statement, and after this we know how at various places students with hijab and beard were targetted brutally.

Dear brothers and sisters, may Allah swt bless you all for the resistance with your identity intact!

A woman with a voice, that too a Muslim woman with a voice, that too a hijab clad, muslim woman with a voice is something they, the fascists are unable to tolerate!

They want to scare you, but you should stand tall, inshaAllah.

I want to share a small incident with you.

Some months back, one of my friend called me,
I used to think her as passive on Facebook, she never used to share, like, react or comment on anything, the posts shared on her profile was perhaps couple of months ago.

Anyway, she called me and said – “Whenever I see Hasbunallahu Wa’nimal Wakeel written or said somewhere,
I remember you Maryam. As you always write it so much in almost all of your posts that the beautiful words remind me of you now.”

SubhanAllah! I got lump in my throat as it was one of the best compliment I got.

Isn’t it beautiful that coming across an ayat of Holy Quran, someone is getting reminded of you?

What can be better identity than this?

SubhanAllahi wabihamdihi.

So, my point is Rise and Resist, Live and Die with your identity, you don’t know the ones you think as passive are the ones who are getting reminded of you with regards to Islam and will inspire you back again, inshaAllah.

Allah swt has his own ways, the recent discriminatory act of CAA and NRC is clearly Islamophobic in nature.

Stick to your identity, and feel blessed, may be HE swt is making you an inspiration for many and if not, then too He, Himself is Ash Shakoor – The Most Apreciative One.

Kapdo se hamari pehchaan karaakar hame nishana aur daraane wale samjh ley, ham apni identity se hathne wale nahi hai!

Hasbunallahu Wa’nimal Wakeel!

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