Stateless State

So, Jews have their (illegal) state as Israel.

Hindus have now Hindu Rashtra, India (by democratic means, majority of India have chosen it).

But Muslims have many muslim majority countries but no state of their own.

And we are the ones who are mocked often to go to Pakistan, considering it as our state. Though, the partition happened that Pakistan will rule by Islam but it has not!

Pakistan, is like any other country, which sees its own selfish national benefits and even in that case it has to ignore the horrifying plight, the mass detentions, the rapes of Ughyr Muslims then it is doing so because it has to maintain its good ties with China, the oppressor of innocents Ughyr Muslims.

Such is our state!
Stateless State.

But as believers, we are bound to believe and not despair of His Mercy.

– O’ our Lord! Bless us with Your refuge and leave us not in the hands of the faasiqoon, zaalimoon.

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