She is one among many 

“Yogi has come to power in U. P you should wear off your jilbab and hijaab as it may be now scary.” advised one friend to her another friend. 
To whom it was advised she beautifully replied – 

“Nothing will be beautiful than to meet Allah swt by  being attacked because you are identified as the one who submits to Him, identified and attacked being a Muslim.”
SubhanAllah such motivating words. 
Keep her in duas she is indeed a beautiful brave girl and was one of my roommate in AMU and the above incident she has narrated recently on her visit to us in Delhi. 
Alhamdulillah! She is one among many. 

There are many brave girls and boys, in fact the youth is getting beautifully connected back their roots, they are getting their nourishment  well from yaqeen on Allah swt despite all weird tumult scenes. 

May Allah swt guide us all and keep us steadfast on His deen. 


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