Only six years in Islam

Whenever my health degrades, and some serious issue pops up, the obvious reaction of my near and  dear ones is to  pray for me especially this dua which they make generally infront of me –  May Allah swt bless you with a long life so that you can utilise well all the blessings He swt has bestowed upon in His service for a long time, people like you are highly needed so be brave and keep fighting the health odds.”

Indeed long life is a blessing with this perspective of being in His service and Nodoubt beautiful love is a blessing as well. SubhanAllah interestingly, today I came across a beautiful incident of one of the companion of Prophet Muhammed pbuh – Sa’d Ibn Muad r. a who  attained martyrdom at the age of 36 years is said to have spent only few years, probably only six years in Islam. 
But you know what? 
The Throne of Allah swt Shook Because of His death:

How beautiful and amazing it is indeed. 

What virtue is greater than this? What honour is greater than this? A slave died on Earth and the Throne shook in joy and delight because of his arrival. 
SubhanAllah! Such a little time but he was elevated to such heights. 
Nodoubt a long life served in submission to Him is a blessing indeed but He swt has His own ways to elevate His slaves. 
May Allah swt keep us steadfast on His Deen, make us sincere and may we live when it is good for us and may die when it is better for us and may we attain death which is beautiful in His sight. Ameen.

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