Shahrukh Khan’s film – Pathan’s song – “Beysharam rang” and the outrage

Came to know from the news, that Shahrukh Khan’s film – Pathan’s song “Beysharam rang (indecent colour)” has created a big havoc in India. Deepika Padukone is shown in highly revealing dress, and seductive clothings, wearing one of the colour similar to saffron (which is the colour of BJP), and it is reported that Shahrukh khan was also wearing one of the shirt in that song, which was green in colour, so from ministers to the common people, many have occupied the protests to ban the movie!

Would like to share few reflections –

  • Nudity, in any form should be avoided but expecting any form of decency from industries like Bollywood is naive!
  • We know Shahrukh Khan recently has been in constant criticism from the right wing, just because of his “muslim name”, though it is well known publicly, that he practises polytheism – worshipping different idols, he follows the liberal ideology of freedom to do it all, and have it all in the name of art and “jo dil kahe”, and he practises all forms of fahaaish (indecency), but yes his namesake muslim label is enough for right wing to hate him!
  • This highlights a very important lesson for those living in the illusion that they can please the majority by few compromises or by being a liberal. I think presently there is no one more liberal than Shahrukh Khan, FROM marrying a hindu woman, TO himself worshipping the hindu idols, and being open to all indecency in the name of art and freedom!
  • SubhanAllah! We witnessed that compromises will not only make our akhirah ruined, but it will not make this worldly life good either!
  • And to those muslims who are supporting Shahrukh Khan just because right wing is after him, or just because he has a muslim name, then I would say that’s the issue with us when it comes to activism!
    We,in emotional haste, always go with such sort of activism.
    We need to see as believers, what our approach should be as per Islamic perspective.
    We can’t support nudity, obscenity and liberal ideas which contradicts with the very basics of Islam just because a namesake muslim is doing it or just because he is being attacked by a common attacker!
  • We need to be clear about our ideas and exposing the hypocrisy of right, and left wing.
    We, as muslims, are not supposed to be on left, right sides, but the only path forward for us is siratal mustaqeem (straight path, as told by Allah swt) for which we always pray in surah fatiha in our daily prayers.
    (اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ)
  • Coming back to right wing, well what one can say? It is not the first time that a female protagonist has danced to such nudity with saffron colour, Akshay Kumar has song with female dancers wearing saffron bikinis with “Hare Ram” written on it, in movie Bhool Bhulaiyya, but yeah! Akhsay is the beloved one of the right wing!

All in all, we should look beyond, “beysharam rang (indecent colour)”, and identify (all left, liberal’s) beysharmi happening in the name of inclusion, art, expression, and open enemity by right wing, which has crossed all sharam (decency) and is even calling for the open genocide!

May we reflect upon this ayah from 7.33-

Say, “My Lord has only forbidden open and secret indecencies, sinfulness, unjust aggression, associating ˹others˺ with Allah ˹in worship˺—a practice He has never authorized—and attributing to Allah what you do not know.”

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