Shaheen bagh protest

So, The BJP has shared a fake video slandering women of shaheen bagh as “bikaau” who are being paid rupees 500 to 700 to sit there in shifts.

We can expect this from the system which has always failed women, has made national capital of India nothing but a rape capital, the system which has allowed to rule the country with ministers who are rape accused, we can expect this from those who are in the habit of khareedna be it then MLA’s in crores or the mainstream media for their personal, selfish chores.

We can expect this from such filthy people.

– Aurton se to inhe waise bhi allergy hai, aur jab aurtein muslim ho, wo bhi purdah, hijab mein wo bhi awaaz ke saath, inke zulm ke khilaaf to zaahir hai har propaganda istemaal kia jaayega, kyunki abhi tak ye muslim aurton ko mazloom hi dikhaate rahe hai, muslim aurton ne inki ye banayi hui tasweer ko khatam kardiya to ab yeh aise propaganda lekar aaye hai!

May Allah swt protect the honour of our sisters and mothers in shaheen bagh and everywhere.


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