Reflections on the beginning of the fall

The beginning of the fall,
beautiful it is to see it all.

The visual beauty is far beyond words –
From the diverse change in colours of the leaves to their fall on earth, is it dejecting to witness?

No, not for me.

The fallen leaves signify the significant message in our lives.
The fallen leaves will somewhere add to the humus of the soil, will nourish it further.

Also, the fall of the leaves remind of how our sins will fall if we do the dhikr of Allah, Al Ghafoor ur Raheem.

It reminded me of the nourishment which we, as trees, should be taking from our fall, to learn from the past fallacies, and keep standing tall despite the harsh winters which are on their way, to approach.

And to remember that as dawah carriers we need to be like trees, seasons will alternate, the roots should be deep, leaves will come and go, but we need to be standing tall, with hope of the spring, all green and serene.

The nature of this dunya is such, the rise and fall and then the rise again with an inevitable end which will make our rise again in the resurrection!

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