At night we generally prefer after eating rotis, to have some rice as well. This is the tahari (yellow rice) I cooked in afternoon and I thought of keeping it onĀ  dastarkhwaan (food table) again at dinner time.
But after heating the rice, when I spread the table with other dishes, and put the tahari plate on the table, I heard the cracking of the plate having tahari, well! why it broke can be debated over, may be because of temperature variations of the hot glass plate and cold surface of the table but that’s not the point here!
SubhanAllah! This is actually the concept of rizq we need to understand, the food which was heated and which was ready on the table to be consumed was not in our qismat, so even when it was on our dinner table, it was not meant for us!
This is rizq, sustenance.
We need to understand this concept.
Allah is Ar Razzaq and He swt has provided rizq for us all.
We need to strive for it, put our efforts sincerely but we need to understand what is not written for us, will not be ours even if it is served on our table!!!
Interestingly! Last night I was telling my younger son that whatever happens, happens for good and we should trust Allah swt always as His wisdom encompasses everything. The moment he saw the plate broken, he said, “amma, it has happened for the good, may be, we didn’t know that a spider would have crossed over, so Allah swt let it go for our betterment.”
Masha Allah, it was such a beautiful and an innocent assumption BUT see if we implement this attitude with Allah swt in everything we lost, or didn’t get with the notion that “it has happened for the betterment” then really our relationship with Allah Who is Al Hakeem – All Wise will get better and we will stop tormenting ourselves on things we have no control over and this will make our life easier.
Allah Al Hakeem, Himself has said –
“I am as My servant thinks of me.”
So, today! I will take this as an opportunity to remind –
Don’t grieve on such broken plates and on the provision which was so near yet it didn’t reach to you, as it was never supposed to be yours!
Trust Him, and be happy and content with all those plates which are still in store and through which He swt will nourish you again tomorrow with better replacement than what has gone by!

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