Waseem Rizwi and his petition in court against Holy Quran’s ayah

Waseem Rizwi, is a staunch supporter of Narendra Modi and Bhartiya Janta Party.

The recent video interview of Waseem Rizwi in which he has laid down his absurd views about Holy Quran and its ayah is getting viral.
In the video, you can see, he is saying that he has filed the petition in court against the 26 ayah from Holy Quran which teaches “violence” and were introduced by the companions Abubakr, Umar, Usman (may Allah swt be pleased with them all) to extend the territory of Islam for their own interest (astaghfirullah, na’azubillah).

The likes of Waseem Rizwi only want their political wheel spinning and blame the best for their own crafted evil schemes, which ayah he was speaking about was not mentioned by him.

He made it a “national security issue” and obviously what can we expect from people like him who link everything to so called “national security”, giving it a colour that whosoever will speak against his baseless petition will be termed as “anti nationalists” and this will give the biased media to have their shows with high TRP (Target Rating Point) asking some random muslims picked from here there or from madarsas to ask “tell us are you Muslim first or an Indian first?”

Only if we know how Germany was fuelled with this so called nationalist mentality which has then normalised the complete genocide back then!!

Coming to Holy Quran, it is the Divine revelation and is well preserved from time immemorial.
Holy Quran was preserved by huffaz (haafiz e Quran) at the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but then after battles and especially after the battle of Yamamah, many huffaz (hafiz e Quran) got martyred, so Umar (r.a) suggested Abu Bakr (r.a) that they should preserve the Holy Quran in the form of book as they have lost many huffaz (the one who has memorised Holy Quran), the sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them all) after consultation with each other agreed to this suggestion and Holy Quran was then given the form of the mus’haf!

The whole world has one same copy of Holy Quran in Arabic language, you go to anywhere you will find one Quran!

If all the books on the surface of the earth are burned or drowned, Holy Quran’s mus’haf will be the only copy which will be recovered from cover to cover exactly the same again as alhamdulillah it is well preserved in the hearts of huffaz (haafiz e Quran).

Now, coming to the violence part!
Well! Islam is the religion of peace but with justice comes peace.

To believe in Wasim Rizwi’s claim that the sahaba has changed the Holy Quran will be – to step out of Islam!

Holy Quran is pure and well preserved, Islam has fought battles at the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as well, we know of Battle of Badr, Uhud, Battle of Trench and others. So, to say that at the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) there were no battles is sheer ignorance of the glorious history and the context!

To malign the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) of changing the Holy Quran is slandering of the highest degree. They were the best of people who have served the ummah welfare as per the teachings of Islam.

If Waseem Rizwi (the former chairman of shia board) thinks that Holy Quran was changed by Abubakr, Umar, Usman (may Allah be pleased with them all) then he is not only slandering these companions but also Ali (ra) because had the companions have done so then Ali (r.a) who was the icon of courage and truth would have raised against this evil doing but nothing of this sort happened or reported by authentic sources!
In fact! Ali (r.a) gave his allegiance (bayah) to Abubakr then to Umar and then to Usman (may Allah be pleased with them all).

“And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true.
But if you do not – and you will never be able to – then fear the Fire, whose fuel is people and stones, prepared for the disbelievers.

(Holy Quran, 2.23-24)

“Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.”

(Holy Quran 15.9)

People like Waseem Rizwi doesn’t understand that the terrorism they are citing is actually not because of Holy Quran but it is because of the absence of not implementing Holy Quran.

He doesn’t understand that the terrorism all around the world is because of the foreign interventions to exploit the natural rich resources of the lands and to make a public opinion in favour of exploitation in the name of so called liberation it is always easy to label the people as “terrorists and extremists”.
Now, in reactions to such interventions obviously there arises some resistance groups and their approaches can be a topic of scholarly debates but the point again is WHO is making such groups to take birth? Obviously! The Zulm – The Oppression inflicted upon them, their land in the name of so called “liberation”.

Even China is oppressing its own people Xianjiang, the Ughyrs muslim in the name of “terrorism and extremism”, China has even banned offering obligatory salah and fasts and has inflicted punishment on the practising Muslims.
Now, one may easily buy the narrative that they must be extremists but no they were not, the region Xianjiang is the rich resources region, Xinjiang is a critical region that needs to fuel China’s economic machine and it is also strategically located as a supply route. Xinjiang contains over 20% of China’s coal, natural gas and oil resources, Xinjiang has the highest concentration of fossil fuel reserves of any region in the country.
And this area is populated by Muslims majorly!

Take any region where they cite terrorism or extremists issue, either it is rich in geopolitical position or rich in natural resources and they want to take over it.

May Allah swt make us among those who see truth as truth and falsehood as falsehood.

The agenda behind bringing such issues by the like of Waseem Rizwi is always evil and to fuel the hatred towards Muslims whom they always want to show as “terrorists” who should be executed from this earth but little they know they plot and Allah swt plots and He is The Best of planners.

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