Defy being deaf

Obviously, the lights were off while we were sleeping and suddenly there were huge noise and lightening, the lightening was so intense that it appeared as if it has caught fire somewhere for sure.

Honestly, the first thought in my mind was that it was nothing but bullet sounds firing, but to our amazement we later came to know that  it was the welcome gesture for the bride and groom whose marriage took place today in our neighbourhood!

The fire crackers were really terrifying and they were very loud plus the silence and darkness of  late night has made the crackers blazing and ear – splitting, perhaps anyone would have guessed it that it was some bullet sound or somewhere the fire is caught and it is that which is creating such noise! 

We found other neighbours as well standing in their balconies to find out what the havoc was it. 

(May Allah swt guide them to know the rights of neighbours, we will talk to them in morning regarding this weird attitude InshaAllah).
 I am not jotting down this post to let the public know what our neighbours did and where they lag behind but to express our  heartfelt that time. 

– To rise from sleep that too because of heavy noises was really frightening and HEARTBREAKING.

It made us full of thoughts how and what atrocities people in Syria, Palestine, Yemen,  Kashmir go through every now and then. 

We got distraught on just the loud noise of chain crackers fired for almost 15 to 20 minutes in the late night, then what about them upon whose roofs the bombs hover, whose house the smoke of fire and destruction enters and the chemical weapons suffocate them in open air, whose peace the bullet pierce? 

What about them who knows that they are not fire crackers but real bullets, bombs, chemical weapons, drones? 

How heartbreaking indeed it must be for them all. 

And upon all this they are the ones who when  resist in their own ways upon such injustice, seeing no justice provided to them through the right channels hear the uproar as well that they are the terrorists and should suffer even the worse fate of it all. 

How much angst it further creates for the oppressed that those in power who can assist them through might and mains, silently watch their remains. 

May Allah swt bless us all, keep us safe and may He swt send His help and liberate the oppressed from the shackles of this so called war on terror which serves the disguised evil invasion agendas of blood sucking capitalists. 

And May Allah swt make us among those who are not deaf to the neighbouring blaze.


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