My body My choice

So, here Deepika padukone is propagating “women empowerment” in her video with words-
“My mind, My body, My choice….It’s My choice to have sex before marriage or outside marriage..It’s My choice to love a man or a woman or both”
Though, I was in no mood to give her stuff any attention  but then  it is necessary to highlight some points.
First of all, we didn’t come on this earth by our own choice, neither we will die as per own choice and obviously we don’t own our body, there are many involuntary organs in our own body upon which we don’t have any control upon then how can we say and claim that we OWN  our own body?

As far as concept of choice is concerned then I personally found Deepika’s words very very selfish, revolving around only “me”, “my” and “myself”, all in all it only portrayed the high level of selfishness followed with insecurities which now has taken shape of transgression.

As far as words are concerned “Having sex before and outside marriage” under the notion of so called freedom and choice is nothing but oppression, because this “same freedom”  practised by whoever men or women is nothing but betrayal and deception.

 As far as loving men or women or both is concerned, we know what she wants to convey by that and perhaps she forgot to mention children and animals as well, because now having sex with them also comes under “freedom of choice” and “personal life”. 
“To wear or not to wear” – Really? Showing all those porn scenes so that the society by and large gets hyper sexualised and the sexual instincts of men are provoked to an extent that they even rape three year old girls who are not even yet blossomed and when they don’t find anyone then they rape animals(recent being the Tamil Nadu case where an injured cow  has been raped by a man)
To be honest, I am really amazed how beautifully the capitalists are oppressing women in the name of “freedom” and not only women but the whole society as we are social beings and not secluded ones.

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