Our Prophet is Greater Than Our Honour

Well! Neither I am her friend on fb, nor I am following her posts, but interestingly today somehow I got to read her one of the post written on hate speech.
By *her*, I mean Shehla Rashid – the former vice president of JNU student union.
The post was written on hate speech. I am taking two excerpts from it as I have to make my point.
she said –
1) Hateful speech is not necessarily hate speech. There’s a distinction. Example:
“I hate Modi.” — it can be termed as hateful, but it does not technically qualify as hate speech, because there is no imminent threat of violence.
“I hate Modi, therefore Modi should be beheaded/killed for a reward.” — in front of an audience of 10,000 who are holding swords outside Modi’s house — qualifies as hate speech.
2) Hatred for a certain religious figure is not necessarily hate speech. It can be blasphemy, but not necessarily hate speech, unless said in a context where imminent violence based on the statement is a real possibility. Example:
“Ram was an asshole.” ≠ hate speech.
“Mohammed was a pedophile.” ≠ hate speech.
“Mohammed was a rapist, so all Muslims are rapist.” = hate speech. [incitement to discrimination]
More than gods, people deserve “respect”.
Gods can protect themselves, but people, women, authors/artists, critics of religion, are defenseless in the face of hate speech and have to face actual violence (which gods do not have to face).
Shehla Rashid, when I went through your post, I literally felt that the one who is confidently jotting down on hate speech, has no idea how ignorant she is.
Well! You being a communist, I can expect that obviously either you have not understood Islam from the sources with their right context or you being an activist and inclined towards bringing some change in the society ignored the reality to join their activism which demands to be an atheist.
Whatever be the case from the above two, I while jotting this down paused for a minute to pray, pray that may you reflect upon His signs which are widespread every side. Amen.
Well! Coming back to the point, Yes The One and Only, The Creator of all, (whether you acknowledge it or not) is Absolute and To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and earth, He is Eternal and there is nothing like unto Him and He does not need anyone to praise Him, as all praise obviously belongs to Him, The Creator of all that exists because the creation is all His, He doesn’t need us to Glorify His Majesty and Honour, as all Honour belongs to Him but we as creation and as mindful beings and believers of His existence are not ingratitude or arrogant or ignorant (whichever category it befits in) to ignore His praise and honour.
The creation praise The Creator and it shows the creation’s submission and being humble in nature. He needs not our praise but He knew that we being feeble and weak and to rely upon His gifts needs to praise and appreciate Him often, so He out of His Mercy has taught us that as well.
How can one appreciate others who never appreciates The Creator who created such a complex and intelligent beings – man (oh! because you are a feminist, so let me clarify you, here by man, I mean human beings and not only men)
Having said that, yes there should be space of criticism and debates and intellectual discussions in religion as well and there are spaces and domains but that doesn’t mean that one can simply term the Prophet as pedophile and Ram who is considered and worshipped as a god in hindu mythology as an ass hole.
You know why I am saying this all? because Islam teaches us not to insult God and Prophets, not to insult even those whom other faith people consider as God.
“And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah , lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge.”
Holy Quran (6.108)
So, you see we invite and intellectually debate people on God and religion but we are not allowed to insult those they invoke other than Allah.
But yeah! I can see that freedom of speech and liberal values allow that, the insults!!!!
To term the last Prophet (peace be upon him) as pedophile only shows how much you have explored Islam and rapist is beyond my understanding, from where you get this?
Do you even know who is a pedophile?
Well! If you think that you have a basis on hazrat Ayesha’s (r.a) marriage age then let me tell you onething, yes she was married at the age of 6 and the marriage was consummated at the age of 9 when she reached her puberty, AND the point is loud and clear that the staunch enemies and critics of Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, didnot criticise him for this marriage and this only came into criticism after centuries, making it clear that at that time it was a norm to get married even that early, otherwise the ferocious enemies, the father of ignorance and arrogance and lies, who fabricated defamation to stop and hinder the Prophet’s mission would not have abandon such a good opportunity to malign and bad name him.
The way this marriage of hazrat Ayesha r.a and Prophet Muahmmed peace be upon him, is brought often to limelight and criticised heavily by others and outsiders, especially the flag bearers of freedom and liberation, is quite amazing for me so many times, as I wonder often that when Hazrat Ayesha r.a herself had no problem and issues with this marriage throughout her life and infact she was the one who was well known as a great scholar, teaching Islam which she learned from the Prophet directly and adding to it we have so many beautiful incidents of Prophet (pbuh)and hazrat Ayesha’s r.a love for each other. I myself even pray at times for me and for my friends that may Allah swt bless our marriages with the love that was between Prophet pbuh and Ayesha r.a and I wonder when they had no issues with age, and they had beautiful love stories as husband and wife and when we admire them personally then why there is so much hue and cry about it?where is now the respect of freedom of choice of these so called flag bearers of liberators?
Or is it reserved for only some few people whom you can use as your tools to politicise and win a good and wah wah from others?
Criticism can be done of anything and to any extent, good orators and writers can do that easily, really very easily, but what matters is that how much reality is therein.
The Prophet peace and blessings be upon him was the revolutionary man, he stood against all the injustice, be it in their society from buring alive the girl child to their economy or other political, social policies and practises.
He (pbuh) was 25 when he married the widow Khadija r.a who was 40 at that time, he married the elderly, the young, the widow and the virgin and though his marriages set a positive example but those who want to decode it in negative sense can decode easily it in entirely different context.
Yes, the hate speech should be avoided and should not be ignored at all, yes we should stand for the oppressed irrespective of their genders, their religion and the man made imaginary lines and boundaries of countries and while doing that the honour of God and Prophets should also protected as their honour is greater than our honour and it doesnot mean that we have taken some opium, no not at all, the belief on His existence and on His Book is rational, it is not just because we are born into it, or we are following the ancestors blindly.
and it is not religion which creates oppression, it is bad politics, and interestingly the secularists are experts in using religion as tool to create all the fuss and polarization for their selfish benefits.
Hope the message is clear.
May Peace prevail.

May Allah swt forgive me that I used those filthy words here.

Peace and blessings be upon him, the seal of all Prophets.
sallallahu alaihi wassalam.

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  1. Baarak Allaahu Feekum to the writer Alhumdulillah a billion zillion times we have still the TRUTH BEARERS AND IN sha Allaah till the end of times.

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