Evil is Evil, be it big or small

Between the two evils, the bigger evil is in big scene now. 
Evil is Evil, be it big or small. 

This is something we acknowledge not! 
What is noteworthy is that the politics of secular country is expert in polarising votes in the name of religion.  
Yes,  the bigger evil sometimes create more issues as it creates all atmosphere just to come in power and then the supporters get the free hand to spit all their venom as their leader is in power. 
But the point is – Do not Fear. 
Do not fear the shaitan and his allies be they small or big.
And do not get trapped or deceived by their spreading on earth! 
Go back to your roots and see how the best example to follow (pbuh) planted and nurtured the enlightened thoughts. 
One of the beautiful names of Allah swt is

 Al – Muakkhir – The Delayer.

He swt delays affairs for His slaves,  out of His Mercy and Wisdom which is beyond our mind to comprehend. 

So,  let not the delay deceive us. 
Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel. 
Never underestimate HIS  Power.

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