No compromise

And their purpose was
To tempt thee away
From that which We
Had revealed unto thee,
To substitute on Our name
Something quite different (in that case), behold!
They would have certainly Made thee (their) friend!

And had we not
Given thee strength, wouldst nearly
Have inclined to them
A little.

In that case We would have made thee taste
An equal portion (of punishment)
In this life, and an equal portion In death: and moreover
Thou wouldst have found
None to help thee against Us!

Their purpose was to scare
Thee off the land,
In order to expel thee,
But in that case they
Would not have stayed (therein) after thee,
Except for a little while.

This is our way
With the apostles. We sent
Before thee, thou wilt find
No change in Our ways.
Surah Isra.
The threat of expulsion from land!

Sounds familiar?

How much relatable!

We need to understand that we cannot compromise with principles at any cost!

It should really bring shivers down our spine how Allah swt, Al – Wadood – The Most Loving One is addressing to His beloved Prophet Muhammed pbuh here, what about us then?

The temptation would be big and hard to resist to do a bit of compromise thinking we are doing it for the good only, but we cannot compromise with principles and that is the foundation of principles, to compromise means to adulterate haqq even if it means a little!

We should ask for strength from Him, Al Qawwiy – The Strong One to make us capable enough not to get inclined to compromises. May He swt make us sterner stuff and may we are blessed with such strength that resist all plausible deceptions.


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