Zaira Waseem’s controversy

On Zaira Waseem’s controversy, I would only like to say that as a muslim woman myself,
I have noticed a lot many times and now
I believe that people, in general, ill consider Muslim women, they think we are pea – brained, non sensical and so infirm that we cannot choose to submit to Allah’s (swt) will by ourselves, and the ones who always propagate the so called freedom of choice, comes to all labels and derogatory terms when a Muslim woman stand strong and brave enough to stand against the tide and give preference to her religious beliefs!

So, two things are clarified –

They belittle us (Muslim women) a lot, they think we are not wise, insightful enough to choose to submit to God’s will!

And secondly, it shows the hypocrisy of their so called freedom of choice campaign, holding the mindset which if goes parallel with their idea is considered as freedom and if someone dares to go against the tide and against their thought process, it is then labelled as brainwashing, extremism, weird, patriarchy, unacceptable, intolerable and what not!!!

Hasbunallahu wanimal Wakeel!

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