Niagra falls

I captured this image when I went to Niagara falls, apart from the amazingly beautiful scene which makes one to glorify our Rabb, I felt as if it has something more to offer, but what I didn’t know.

Months later, I was going through the images in gallery and came across this image again.

SubhanAllah! The fall is beautiful, the impact with which it falls on the ground creates an equal reaction upwards, to an extent that the water in upward direction seems to be a part of cloud.

Apart from the beautiful scenery, I believe this image symbolizes the impact of fall. The impact of fall is so huge that the impounding water has created a mist of fall, like a cloud, and it seems it has reached to the skies.

Our intellectual fall, our fall in implementating our own system commanded by our Lord was so huge that the impacts are still deep, like the concepts of nationalism, liberalism, feminism all have engulfed us deeply.

The impact of fall has created a cloud of mist which doesn’t make clear for the masses to see the truth as truth! The impact of our fall has made the truth for others cloudy to see.

But alhamdulillah, this blessed ummah will always have Khair in it inshaAllah to deal with worse impacts and work for the revival.

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