Tomatoes from backyard

SubhanAllah! these are the tomatoes from our backyard.
Seeing them growing and turning from green to red,
we thought that we would be consuming them soon, but subhanAllah, it was not in our rizq. Seems a bunny came and ate them. Alhamdulillah, Allah Ar Razzaq has made his rizq in our backyard!

We know rizq is fixed, and we are commanded to search and put our efforts for it.
But if Allah Ar Razzaq has not written for us then even if it is in our backyard, growing right under our eyes, it won’t reach us.

Recently, I was having an interesting conversation with a sister whereshe highlighted a prevalent mindset about some people who say that if the “revival of the ummah is written then it will definitely come and doesn’t matter whether we work for it or not!”

We both concluded the discussion on the fact that such people never make these types of excuses when they have to search for their rizq and provision, they never say we wont work, whatever is written will reach us, rather they work hard to seek and earn it, but when it comes to working for the revival, it is always put on qismat with no efforts put in!

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