My second book -Sorrow to Serenity, Gift yourself tranquillity.

Dear readers.

We live in a time where the pressures are high, the expectations are huge and we are bound to live by the definitions and standards set by the society, all this often makes one to be low in spirits, if this is left unchecked on time it may also trigger the different levels of depression – which still is a taboo and is not talked about much, though hundreds of books and journals are already written upon its awareness and many self help books have been written across the lines but when it comes to practical life, still by and large people suffering from sadness, grief, sorrow, depression found themselves all alone in the middle of the crowd with no tangible help found.
Sorrow to Serenity, gift yourself tranquillity – is the compilation of thoughts, in the form of small articles, poems, and lessons which I have jotted down from time to time, analysing the situation around and the state we suffer often. The book provides the simple ways which can help the sufferers of sorrow to move on the way to serenity. It addresses the issues the people in general deal with, it relates to them well and it will help them to explore themselves how to rise from the depth of the sea again with the feel better factor, it will inspire the ones who are dwindling with similar issues that even when you are in the depth of the sea bed with darkness wrapped around you, you can rise again to the surface by gathering the pearls the bed has stored in its darkness.

The links are here.

Go ahead and gift yourself tranquillity 😊

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