The asphyxiating state

Seems the air quality is very poor today and it will only get worse and severe in the upcoming days, the firecrackers of deewali and the stubble burning will intensify the situation to claustrophobic, asphyxiating state.

As we are entering the winters, we know the cool air stagnates over the city, keeping pollution close to the ground where people breathe. Delhiā€™s persistent winter fog only worsens the problem.

And perhaps, we can witness the start of that nightmare from today.

This is the evil which mankind has sent forth but it can still be handled well, but who cares – let’s build a statue of so called unity worth rupees 3000 crores and do more deforestation in the process of its building, affecting approximately 75000 tribals and depriving innumerable of their own lands and detain them if they resist, let’s waste the money of the public on its every day maintenance of 12 lakhs.

Experts says, that 5 IIM and 2 IIT could have been made with this huge money which itself has generated much money as the pass outs from IIT and IIM are capable enough to start their own start ups and give further employments.

But who cares?

Let’s not facilitate the making of more educational buildings and health care institutes like AIIMS with such huge expenses and thus compelling people to be hell bound to come to the metropolitan cities for these facilities and better job opportunities which will concentrate the population to only few concentrated places and thus leading to more pollution.

Farmers are moarning, and they cannot even think of spending the money for arranging the replacement of stubble burning which
deteriorates the air quality index, all they can envisage of making a statue, double the height of statue of liberty in U.S, (which is not build by U.S but was gifted to them), thinking it will attract tourism and will unite the people of the nation.

The Taj Mahal alone generates huge revenues around 25 crores yearly, they could have utilised the huge money they spent on statue of unity by waiving off the loans of poor farmers and giving other farmers an alternate to stubble burning which is form of complex machine to avoid this option of stubble burning, but who cares about the priorities?let people suffocate in toxic air and let them be in gas chambers, after all they are even happy with statue of unity.

And this is not only this government, the former one were no less, they got away with big scams, the public money is looted and everything is then forgotton !

We indeed are very kind to the rulers and quite harsh for the fellow beings.

Incredible we are indeed !

So, yes!
Grieve for us, feel bad for us and you can pity on us.

Hum beechare,
Saaf hawa ke liye bhi ab tarastey !!!

So, having written all this, I may be sounding like an anti national and anti unity as I have focussed mainly my criticism on recently made statue of unity worth 3000 crores, as according to some it may help the nearby mushrooming dhabas and restaurants to flourish and will give employment and has given labour to the labourers in the manufacturing of this massive statue, so to all those, let me say congrats, capitalism has not only sucked your blood and looted your money but also made you a robot not to think otherwise and not to distinguish what it means to spend 3000 crores on wrong priorities and what it means to be employed and underemployed, what it means to deforest the trees when we are already struggling to breathe and what it means to deprive so many villages and tribals of their basic rights !

And as far as being my anti national is considered perhaps it is well conditioned by now in this nation in almost everybody’s mind that all Muslims by default are anti nationals, especially the ones with vocal chords about the wrongs. So, if someone is highlighting the wrong it doesn’t make one anti national but a person who is not blind to see and recognise wrong of the nation as wrong.

Don’t know what is worse state the toxic air we inhale or the toxic mentality we dwindle every now and then.

Indeed an asphyxiating state it is.

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