May Allah swt accept it 

“May Allah swt accept it” is what I pray often for little efforts put forward.

But then a thought took me away.

“What if my Lord hath already accepted it?” 

This blew me away.

When the self conceived thought is so beautiful than what about the reality, ask my soul?
It brings goosebumps, shivers, after all this is not a little affair.
Imagine! Lord of the heavens and earth accepting someting for His sake?
But me, a little greedy and why should I not be? 
After all, I am asking to Him, The Best to listen and respond and for Him everything is just at the stroke of “Be”
Being a greedy slave, I ask You, O my Lord, to accept this effort in Your sight in a way where You-The Mutakabbir, praise it.
I know, too much from such little efforts but You are the One Who appreciates the little efforts. 
For You everything is at the stroke of “Kun” and I ask You, let it be “Fayakun”

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