Masjid Al Aqsa

So many Muslim countries, and yet no one to liberate Masjid al Aqsa? 

 So, weird isn’t it? 

Just some protests, make dua, and even my writing this post won’t do anything as such in practicality.

I am not belittling anything, any effort, in fact it is good to show the agitation and make some waves but really sit ins won’t do anything especially when the occupation is military. 

So, many Muslim countries and yet the masjid is under seize! 
SubhanAllah! Glory be to Him, He  swt is All Mighty,  but He swt test us through ease, illegal occupations and atrocities. 

Just dua, won’t do anything. 

And to expect from those muslim rulers who only do patchwork things and doesn’t mobilise the armies to liberate it, will be silly as they are the ones who share the cup of teas with the ones who have occupied the masjid and put it under seize. 
We, the common people are many who bear the pain of seeing the plight of besieged masjid. 

But we are so powerless and thus we complain of our grief to Thee, O Lord Supreme, O’ Mighty, O’ Exalted, make things easy and liberate all the oppressed worldwide and masjid al Aqsa, a place where the strings of our heart are attached in ways which cannot be described.
Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel.

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