People generally get carried away when they read or come across quotes such as –
“Love is when you accept one another wholly with all their dark sides and negativities.”

Seems, really romantic!!!

But perhaps some like me believe that love is not confined only  to accepting the person as a whole but developing a symbiotic relationship where both individuals keep working on each other’s negativities, and though they compliment each other but they keep developing and transforming each other into better than yesterday ones.
It requires patience and a lot of understanding as sometimes criticism strikes hard when it comes from the ones we love and cherish but we need to absorb the fact that we are humans, we err, we are full of mistakes but the ones who love us, will keep working on us, despite the fact that they too are humans and they too err but isn’t it beautiful part of the journey that then too they want us to be better with each passing day, they want us to be best not because they want someone who are perfect or never errs but because they want us to learn, to change from mistakes, perhaps  because  they want us to recognise our potential, perhaps because they want us to be eligible enough to stand before our Lord well prepared, ready by His will to receive the record in our right hand.

Yes!  shaitan, the chief deceiver will keep whispering the waswasas, he will blow his evil thoughts and will give the egos a big blow but let’s be smart than him and understand and give husn a dhan and positive thought to our spouse.
Love is not only confined to “I love you” and in “red roses” and in “candle light dinners”, love is understanding each other, correcting each other, being friends with each other, love is not accepting the negativities but working on it and filling it with positivities.

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