Love Jihad

Love Jihad – The Threat?

Love Jihad – Is also called as Romeo Jihad.  It is described by them as  “an elaborate process by which men take on non-Muslim nicknames, wear red threads around their wrists and tilaks and then approach Hindu women to seduce them. The  Hindu Janajagruti Samiti document even includes a hierarchy of targets based on caste, with varying cash rewards. Brahmins were most coveted because “the Muslims are aware that by destroying the  priestly class they are more likely to uproot Hinduism”.  


Muslims are aware that how much Brahmins have oppressed the class and caste whom they considered as lower and inferior to Brahmins. 

Muslims are aware that they have to stand for the rights of the oppressed ones in Hinduism as well who are considered as lower than animals just because they are born as dalit or some shudras class. 

Now coming to love jihad, 

– The description of love jihad itself shows the height of superiority complex brahmins believe to be indulge in, as they believe that they are the major ones who are under threat (which is self proclaimed threat obviously) and their being under threat will perish Hinduism.

– Brahmins are aware that Islam doesn’t believe in nation, caste and class discrimination and the best among people in the sight of God is the one who has piety and God consciousness and thus has nothing to do with nation, caste or colour. 
They know Islam despite being so maligned and not implemented any where as a complete system attracts people towards it. 
So to blame the conversions and malign it let’s coin something called Love Jihad and pose it as a threat and it will further help in polarisation as well. 
Having said that, I do agree that there are some people who just change religion  for the sake of each other’s love and ishq only. But they are the ones who are found in both sides and they are the ones who know little of their own religion. 
Let that sink in that Islam doesn’t need to convert people on such weird and deceitful tactics by being romeo and seducing ones. 

Infact, Islam forbids the indecent acts and fahash in every bit. Unnecessary intermingling of opposite sexes is not allowed and they accuse of love jihad and romeo stuff? 

The believing males and females both are ordained to lower their gaze and guard their modesty and both genders are supposed to seek the halal (permitted) ways of marriage through right channels to fulfill their instinct and Love. 
Islam commands us to give dawah to invite people towards haqq but “la’ikra fid deen, there is no compulsion in religion”  – is what it preaches as well. 
As far as Jihad is concerned. It is the struggle to attain and establish right and haqq. 

It is done against one’s own evil self, it is to speak words of truth infront of a tyrant ruler, it is also fought in self defence and it is the foreign policy of Islam when it is implemented as a complete system with all socio-economic political and judicial system applied as a whole and not in bits and pieces. 

Different communinties from different religions coexisted peacefully under Islam and unbiased history is witness to it. 

So, there was nothing called love jihad and there will never be. 
But yes in the propaganda against Islam it can be coined and it has already been opined by them. 

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