Heal through Pain

“There is no other way out, you have to help her in it, despite her feeling pain, she has to do this exercise otherwise it will become worse!”
directed the doctor to us, when he asked mummy the next day to do the exercise, which she was unable to do because of immense pain in her hand, and when the doctor helped mummy to do it, it was indeed an excruciating painful experience for her because of her multiple fractures.

But we were strongly advised by the doctor to exercise it regularly, despite the pain!

Isn’t ironical that she needs relief and healing but for that she has to deliberately go for exercise which she knows will cause her pain BUT this is the process and one cannot avoid it and if avoided then it may cause further damage.

Yesterday, I was having a discussion with someone on emotional pain and healing.

And, we realised that pain, be it physical or emotional needs confrontation somewhere, we cannot expect healing without confronting the hurt!

Despite being broken from multiple sides, we need to do what is necessary for healing, to exercise/move in the right direction which will somewhere make us feel the hurt strongly, but that’s the irony of life, we heal through this process!

It is human nature to expect healing by having an option which will numb us, BUT the right process to heal is to confront the hurt which will hurt more, but one will finally be at ease in the long run and will heal inshaAllah.

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