World cup 2019

Perhaps, in my life, it was the first time that I sat to watch the cricket match, that too in bits and pieces, perhaps that too, seeing the enthusiasm of my kids.

Well! Yesterday only I came to know that it was a final match between New Zealand and England.

When it comes to cricket, I’m an illiterate of highest degree, who knows nothing of the official terms used therein.

It was good to see that my kids patiently answered all my obvious and silly questions about whether he is out or not, who is this player, which team is this, what is this sign, and finally came the question from my side What is super over?

The Super Over also ended in a tie. England won on superior boundary count to win their maiden ICC World Cup on Sunday.

So, one can have an idea about the level of disinterest I have in cricket.

But, it was interesting to observe few things while in discussion with my elder son over the match.

It was interesting to know that *origin of cricket* comes from the earliest definite reference from south-east *England* in the middle of the 16th century.

Yesterday, *it was England’s first ever Cricket World Cup win!*

So, it can be said that Jofra Archer, *A black* helped them to get it!

Benjamin Andrew Stokes, the one, who played the crucial role in superover and was named player of the match for his World Cup final heroics against New Zealand, was interestingly born in Christchurch, New Zealand – *AN IMMIGRANT!*

It also shows the shadowy lines of man made boundaries, how bleak they are in crux and essence!!

On another note, I was wondering, in present context of India, that had Stokes been a Muslim born in India and an immigrant, and if other than New Zealand it would have been India, then most probably he would have been in prime times debates by now with split screens and all including the anchors screaming about his being an anti – national in spirit!

We all know how much racism is deeply embedded, and to what level discrimination happens with immigrants in England as well and last but not the least the shadowy nature of nationalism is something we should understand!

Though, this was just a game,
But life is not a game!

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