From an oppressed muslim woman

With regards to your address on 29th January 2018 to the Joint session of Parliament.

Can you please stop playing the card of being our messiah?

A muslim woman, who is oppressed by such narratives that this or that are nothing but her messiah.

But before I end please go through this.

– From the analysed data from the ‘Marital Status by Religious Community and Sex – 2011’ C3 table of the census

the percentage of women staying in marriage is highest amongst Muslims (87.8%) compared to Hindus (86.2%), Christians (83.7%) and other religious minorities (85.8%). It is likely that the culture of widow remarriages provides a higher level of family protection to Muslim women compared to women from other religious communities.The percentage of separated and abandoned women is also least amongst the Muslims (0.67%) compared to Hindus (0.69%), Christians (1.19%) and other religious Minorities (0.68%).

The issues relating to separated and abandoned women is much more serious than that of triple talaq. As per the last census, they are 2.3 million separated and abandoned women in India; in absolute terms, that is more than two times the number of divorced women. There are close to *two million Hindu women* who are abandoned and separated; this number is 2.8 lakh for Muslims, 0.9 lakh for Christians and 0.8 lakh for other religions.

Despite not living with her husband for 43 years Jashodaben Modi said on November 24, 2014, that “if he calls once, I will go with him”. But her husband never responded.
Abandoned wives find it difficult to even get a passport in India; for example, in 2015, when Jashodaben applied for a passport, her application was rejected for the reason that “there was no marriage certificate or a joint affidavit with the spouse”. She struggled and filed an RTI to get details of her own husband’s passport.

In addition to this all statistics which I have taken from The Wire.
How weird it is that the muslim men are bound to give maintenance to the wife as well being behind the jails according to the bill?
If triple talaq is not considered as talaq by court then why criminalise it?
What a loophole.
Oh! Perhaps because putting muslim men behind bars is in the to do list?
I have already written much about triple talaq issue, wont go again in its detail but the only one thing I want to say here is that women after talaq can remarry if they want to, they are not seen as used material sort of thing or good for nothing.

Ideally, the state should take the responsibility of such women who are divorced or widowed until they are made capable enough to earn for themselves.
But being in capitalist society, with high price of even daal roti, the divorced ones are looked down as nothing but a bojh!

Why not be concerned about her in such areas of reform?

Oh! My bad, I forgot, there is so much employment, she can sell pakodas, when it comes to employment and empowerment.
Right, Mr. President?

Anything, would you like to say, Mr. President about prostitution?
Oh! I forgot muslim women are not dragged there as hindu and other community women and you and your alliance are the messiah of muslim women only, aur waise bhi now adays, prostitution is nothing but selling sex and they are now sex workers.
Right, Mr. President?

If muslim women are so dear to you, Mr. President, then why no hearing and no criminal law enactments on the lynchings of muslim men, which has become a trend now, their wives, daughters, sisters mourn over them and their life becomes hell.
Why not proper and just hearings on fake encounters?
The one who presided over such case is dead, the recent Justice Loya case who was the presiding judge on Sohrabbuddin fake encounter case!

Mr. President!
The reality is that you dont have answers to the question of Vikas, the real issues are sidelined behind the issues which are made issues so that things can be disguised.

Mr. President!
As far as my little knowledge is concerned, you are the son of a farmer, you must have seen or heard their plight?

“Every year the farmers of our country face a dual crisis, one is that they do not get a good produce, and when they do, they do not get fair prices for it. We are here for reminding the Narendra Modi government of their pre-poll promises made to the farmers,” said Mr. Yadav Under a common umbrella of All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) around 184 farmer groups from across states such as Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Telangana participated in the protest walk on 20 November 2017 in Delhi.

Would you like to say, something, Mr. President?
Or you will not say anything upon it as perhaps the majority of farmers are not muslims and their muslim women are not suffering because of it and you seems to be the messiah of muslim women only?
huh, right?

Indeed, you said one thing right that muslim women’s dignity remained as captive to the political benefit, the only thing left to be added was, they were misused, and they are highly being misused and abused, held captives in the secular nation, by the capitalists whose religion is nothing but their own selfish benefits.

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