My Hijab My Choice

“My Hijab, My Choice” –
Is actually the wrong voice.

Being a muslim, we submit to His will.

My Hijab is not my choice, it is actually surrendering to His will.

You may feel insecure and may be molested in that too but it is because of other many reasons which we should account to.

As far as “freedom and choice” is concerned, then yes we are *free to choose* whether we recognise His existence with rational belief and submit to His will as it is.

But to regard “Hijab as My Choice”, is the wrong voice, your decision to submit or not is actually The Choice, but do not make hijab wear the veil of choice, it is an obligatory act upon us to abide by.

Yes, sometimes to expose the hypocrisy of freedom, we highlight that when women are free to wear anything of their choice then why not hijab and modest clothing?
But to expose the hypocrisy of the flag bearers of freedom, we should not let it imbibe in ourselves that it is “My Choice.”

Freedom is itself is very subjective.
For some to follow their heart and whims is the Freedom.
For some being parallel to the trends is the freedom.
For the believers it is to be free from the slavery of creation and being submissive in the servitude of The Creator.

…. thought of putting it briefly in words as I have recently witnessed some confusions arising in this context.

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