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All those beautiful moms, who sometimes think they are not doing much for their kids, thus in guilt.

Who other times even think that they have no personal life or interest left with them and all they have to do is to look after kids.

You my dear.
First of all, you please stop comparing your lives with other moms and your kids with their kids.

Understand this simple logic, their circumstances and your circumstances are different.

You live with different set of people and they have different at their end.

So, please stop this comparison, yes I understand it is good to get inspired for some productive work especially if it is meant for spiritual development BUT if it is leading you to inferiority complexes then time to rethink.

Everyone has different abilities and skills, you should not compare apple with oranges.

My dear,
You are raising human (s).
Believe me it is no mere amusement.
It is a tough task, a heavy responsibility, and you know you will be held accountable for it.
So, please *be kind* to yourself and don’t be so harsh to degrade your efforts.

Yes, sometimes, somedays we feel like we have failed miserably and we too make huge mistakes, and that *guilt*, it just overpowers our cerebrum.

But get over it, learn the lesson and move on, apologise to your kids even, if you have to, but don’t hurt yourself too much in the constant learning process of motherhood.

I know my dear sometimes you even will feel like you don’t have your own life, your own identity left to explore but believe me, you are already blessed with a beautiful identity which is a bliss – motherhood.

Yes, the new identity is quite challenging and you will be belittled much if you have a *professional degree from a reputed college* and then too you have chosen to be a stay at home mummy.

You are bound to listen quite harsh comments, interestingly from those who have no right at first place to poke their nose in your lives, but the constant pressure will make you feel like you are not doing it right to be a full time mother.
Yes, there are mothers who can balance well the office and homes together and it is appreciated but that doesn’t obligate you to fit into this standard.

If you have chosen to be a full time mother, you will always not be relishing it because of the pressures that surrounds, it will happen, that you will feel like being dragged to ground.

So, whenever you are in blues, look towards the beautiful sky above you and say to yourself – “I will not belittle those mothers who are working as I don’t know their circumstances but for myself, I will surely award myself that I have chosen to be a full time mother, and let no one tell me that I have done wrong by giving preference to my motherhood over many other things, which I have sidelined.”

Be kind to yourself and don’t criticise yourself for your sacrifices and having said that don’t make it an excuse to get away with the basic duties we owe to God on our side, try to do that, you will find His help.

And for your motherhood, consider it also as a sincere service to Him, and it will be considered a worship, by His will.

Don’t let the chief deceiver make you feel like nothing!

You are a mother.
Your status has been raised so high that for your kids, their heaven is under your feet.


Relish and Glorify Him for this bliss and pray for those moms who are struggling to keep a balance between work and kids and for those as well who are struggling to be a mom.

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  1. Thank you. Your article has given me positive attitude towards motherhood. Jazakallahu khairan Katheeran. Love uπŸ’

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