Make your life simple

Life will be really easy if we will try to imbibe this ayat fully.

To speak only that which is good and simple and cannot be decoded as something else on the receiving end, which otherwise will invoke enmity and hatred and nothing less.

In surah hujrat we are commanded to avoid negative assumptions and much suspicion and backbiting as they often are the doorways to unnecessary, unwanted circumstances.

Beautiful bonds and strong families are ruined just because they were not imbibing these commands in their lives.

Life is really easy if we are clear and good in our speech as *a sender* and do not lay the burden *upon the receiver* to get understood wholly by speaking complex and assuming to be obvious, and similarly *on receiving end* if we avoid negative assumptions and suspicions and give benefit of doubts to others.

Having said that all, it is true that we should learn and unlearn a lot in the process and mutual interactions, a believer is advised to be enough wise not to get stung from same whole twice.

Repel evil with good and wisdom.

Believe in direct, simple and good communication.

Perhaps 80 percent of our issues are because of our communication issues, be it bad or complex or misunderstood communication, whatever it is, the issues and the gap needs to be fulfilled.

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