By now, you all must have been through the news, where a teacher (who is not a woman) can be seen wearing large prosthetic breasts in the class. Even the students were shocked to witness this, but as expected the HDSB (Halton District School Board) supported the individual’s choice and why wouldn’t they? Finally, this is the notion of “freedom” as per their own definition.

SubhanAllah! They are normalizing filth through institutions, they are actually institutionalising it by imparting to even small kids that they are the ones who can identify as 2SLGBTQ+ and their genders by themselves as per their whims. The pride flags soaring high in the air even in schools and colleges in the pride month highlight their imposition of this very perverted idea.

So much of “freedom” yeah?

Just try preaching that homosexuality is sin, all their so called freedom will go to swim.
Lo and behold! you are an “intolerant, a product of extremism!”

Where is the freedom now?
Opinions that don’t resonate with their diktat doesn’t come under the definition of “freedom.”

The gender fluidity, gender identification has a lot to do with pharmaceutical companies, from hormonal pills to prosthetic surgeries, large revenues to fill the pockets of capitalists.
In their ever increasing greed and hyper individualistic mindsets, they have gone so far that they can’t even answer a basic question, “what is a woman?” because they have messed it up entirely from the very basic.

And what is more saddening is the fact that some muslims take west as their role models, all in the garb of inclusion.
SubhanAllah! the same very people who can’t even define what is a woman, how can anyone take them as role models to define their roles and priorities?

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