Freedom of speech

Fine,  so Tej Bahadur, the constable who posted online the video of bad quality of food served to jawans is sacked by BSF. 

I mean now where is the freedom of speech and expression? 

Where is love of nation? 
Oh! My bad. I forgot the love is shown and is  reserved for beating the physically challenged when they don’t stand in theatres on national anthem, the love for bharat is reserved when it comes to lynching of innocents, the love is reserved and is shown in form of pellet guns, the love is reserved only to screaming “k yaha rehna hai to bharat mata ki.. aur Vande… Kehna hoga aur itna bada flag lehrana hoga” 
And the freedom of speech and expression, yes they are only reserved and operational to defame the Prophet pbuh and Islam, the moment you respond back even intellectually, you are labelled as intolerant and transgressor of the freedom of speech and expression. 
Pseudo love is nothing but nationalism for the people who are well misused on communal cards.

And freedom of speech and expression is nothing but the opportunistic notion to express only their side of narrative and if anybody even try to challenge it he will be next Tej Bahadur or may be treated worse than him. 
Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel. 

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