France’s Abaya ban

The news is all viral that France is about to ban wearing abaya (jilbab) in state schools, citing secularism.

Their obsession with Islam, and especially with us, the muslim women, is seriously beyond words. They want to “liberate” us, so that we can be objectified.
The West which is dwindling with the very basic question, “what is a woman,”
wants to interfere with muslim women’s life, and clothing.

The reality is that they can’t deal with modesty. They want to have their gaze on; the hijab, the loose clothing (abaya, jilbab) is a thorn to their eyes which they can’t tolerate how a muslim women is so liberated that no outside pressures, no societal norms are heavy enough to wear off her modest clothing. They wonder how can muslim women be so liberated that they are not shackled into the chains of capitalistic beauty norms, how come they are so liberated, and smart enough to only bow down to Allah – Al Khaaliq (The Creator), and not the makhlooq (the created one).

Honestly! This is expected from them – the hypocritical, the ambassadors of so-called freedom of speech and expression, who insult our Prophet (ﷺ) in Charlie Hebdo, but at the same time so called ambassadors of freedom of speech and expression are sternly against anything which is anti-semitic in nature. If there happens a burning of their national flag, then it is not tolerated under their so called freedom. This is their utmost hypocrisy.

However, instead of just highlighting the hypocrisy, we should also realize how this highlights that absolute freedom doesn’t exist, and those in power always define it as per their favour. In other words, as there is no absolute freedom and freedom has limits, the limits are decided by those in power, to oppress the minority sections of the society.

Also, The silence of feminists working for so called women empowerment is deafening on this subject, as obviously they don’t fight for women’s right, rather they only fight for what they see as right as per their restricted worldview.

Secularism is not only separation of state and religion, it is actually the forceful, enforcement of the religion of liberalism which doesn’t liberate people, but uses them as commodities for their electoral win.

Secularism is not tolerance of other religions, but rather the forceful conversion of everyone to the religion of secularism and liberalism.

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