Puzzled: Puzzle

It was indeed a herculian task to even attempt a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
Few days back, my younger son asked me to give him a space where there would be minimum disturbances, so that he can start his 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

He also asked me once to help him, but seriously I couldn’t,
I upfront said no to him.
But Alhamdulillah, he didn’t give up. He started making jigsaw puzzle on the space I gave him. Sometimes, his father used to help him when he used to find some time from his very hectic schedule. It has been a couple of weeks now, and he has been working hard alone, and sometimes he has been helped by his father.

Alhamdulillah! Now it is almost on the verge of getting completed. When he showed me, “look amma, it is almost done.” I felt like wow mashaAllah.

Few reflections to cite-

First, never to say upfront no to kids, even if it is not your cup of tea (areas of interest).

Secondly, I realised how he asked me for a space big enough to make his puzzle which can make a complete picture from these small pieces of jigsaw puzzles.
Life is also a puzzle, a very complicated one, we don’t understand the jigsaw pieces then and there, and a lot many times people, events, circumstances don’t make any sense to us at all. It’s like a completely scattered pieces puzzle, tough to even attempt, but to understand that the puzzle, which will make a complete picture, will need space and moments of reflection in free time to ponder and channelise ourselves. Yes, life will always be in phases of hardships and ease, there will be tough choices which we have to make in every circumstance of these phases, be they hardship or ease.

We need to make the conscious decisions in the light of Islam, we will not understand a lot many things making sense to us, but we need to know He knows, He is Al-Aleem (The All Knowing), Al-Hakeem (The Most Wise).

Sometimes, the puzzle of life will be such that you will be all alone, you will be puzzled to find yourself standing even against your own beloved people, not because you are against them but because in the puzzle of life, you have to make certain informed choices which are quite different, and eventually you find yourself while connecting with the right end, you ending up in a lot of mess.

So, what do you do in such puzzles? You keep working sincerely with steadfastness, there will be moments of frustration, giving up, even fear of being misunderstood. You will even belittle yourself as to why you haven’t complete the puzzle from so long, and you will even start doubting yourself as to why you became a part of it, in the first place?

But after the hard work, inshaAllah there will come a time to zoom out, from the focussed small pieces of jigsaw puzzles to the complete picture, you will see how beautifully each jigsaw puzzle fits with each other, and makes a complete beautiful picture.
You realize that the puzzle of life even if it is not making any sense right now, it will make sense when the picture will be completed to its entirety.

Allah is Al-Hakeem (The Most Wise), He has all the picture, we only have the pixels. Like the jigsaw small puzzles, the hardships, the mess you are into right now will make a complete picture, deep sense, if not here then hereafter, every hardship you endured for Allah Ash-Shaheed is being recorded as He is The Witness Himself.

Trust Allah – The Best Disposer of all affairs,
The puzzle will become the beautiful picture when complete. InshaAllah.

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