France has mocked Muslims again

France – The so called ambassador of freedom of speech and expression is actually the ambassador of insulting the precious muslims, and the beloved Prophet (pbuh).

Freedom really?

Women are not free to cover as per Islam.

If there happens a burning of their national flag,
then that person will be taken into account by the state.

Standing for Palestine is often considered as anti-semite but yes when it comes to insulting the muslims then they are the ambassadors of so called freedom.

The truth is absolute freedom is a myth. They define freedom as per their diktat.

They use it to malign us, to belittle us.

May Allah Al-Fattah (Opener of closed doors) open the doors of khair for this blessed ummah.

Let’s not forget that –
Henri de Bornier, a French poet and dramatist wrote an anti-Islamic play called Mahomet in 1889. The French Prime Minister Charles de Freycinet banned the play in 1890 after opposition from the Uthmani Khilafah.

Hasbunallahu Wa’nimal Wakeel!

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