“So, Moses conceived
In his mind (a sort of) fear.”

English translation of surah Taha ayat no 67


You know this all happened when Prophet Moses was given the task to preach to Pharoah about what is right.

Interestingly, Pharoah instead of reflecting upon The Truth, he rejected and refused and not only refused, he also accused –

Pharoah said, “Hast you come to drive us out of our land with thy magic, O Moses?”

The Egyptians accused Prophet Moses of a design to deprive them of their land and of exercising magic.

Evil always think Evil, they judged Moses by their own standards.

Pharoah said to Moses – “We can surely produce magic to match thine.”

There used to be a great day of public festival, it was set as the day where the Pharoah’s magicians assembled to show their bag of tricks and impose it upon all beholders.

Their ropes and sticks were thrown, and so realistic was the effect that even Moses felt (a sort of) fear in his mind.

How much it relates to us as well in our times.

Sometimes, the concerted attack of well planned evil is so well contrived from all points that falsehood appears and is acclaimed as the truth.

The believer of truth is isolated and a sort of fear creeps in.

It was said to Moses by Allah swt:
“Fear not!
For thou hast indeed
The upper hand:
Throw which is in your right hand: Quickly will it swallow up that which they have faked…”

Even in that state of sort of fear, the Prophet of God was asked to make an effort, to throw what was in his hand, his rod infront of the magicians.

The magicians saw what Prophet Moses presented and they realised that it was no fraudulent trick.

They bowed and submitted to the message proclaimed by Moses.

Seeing this all, Pharoah accused his own magicians that they must be in league with Moses all the time, having been led and taught by him.

In ayat 71 of surah Taha, it is interesting to note that Pharoah was offended by his magicians reflecting on truth and believing on Moses.
He said, “Believe ye in him, before I give you permission?”

He was ruling with all might and mains and was highly oppressive upon the Israelites.

He never envisaged that under his rule others can have a say without his permission!

Seeing, this all he first accused his magicians that they were already in league with Moses.

As expected from Pharoah, he said –
“I will cut your hands and feet on opposite side, and I will have crucified on trunks of palm trees so shall ye know for certain
which of us can give can give the more lasting punishment!”

The reply Pharoah got was amazingly beautiful.

They said: “…..So decree whatever thou desireth to decree : for thou canst only decree the life of this world.”


– Fear has always been used as a tool.
And not only fear even the magicians were used to deceive people from seeing what is truth.

The Pharoah has also used it.
He used his magicians to prove Moses otherwise.
The deceptive tricks played by magicians were so convincing that even Moses felt a sort of fear in his mind.

Sometimes, even like Egyptian magicians of Pharoahs, we too feel like magicians around us, using their mediums to create bad blood, the language, the atmosphere created by them is so evil but well knitted that it appears they will have the upper hand in all the hatred and motives they are permitted/compelled to achieve.

We need to understand, the fear is
real, it works!

We will surely see the ropes and rods thrown by the deception as almost real, as if not ropes and rods but real lively snakes in motion.

This all will make us fear but we need to learn that we should not let the fear embed in us.
Prophet Moses was commanded to throw his rod infront of the magicians, he was supposed to make an effort!

We too should keep trying to make an effort with wisdom and no sugarcoating, with knowledge and not on mere high emotions and with an intention that people should see it clearly and who knows the magicians of the court will reflect upon it!

Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel !

For us our Lord sufficeth and He is The Best Disposer of all affairs.

May He (swt) make it easy for us.


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