Fear not! For thou hast indeed The upper hand

It happens that the concentrated and constant assaults of evil are thrashed so evenly that lies are embedded deeply
and they appear as reality.

The propagators of truth often find themselves secluded and isolated which further leads to the state where they are naturally bound to feel a sort of FEAR.

Yes, *Fear* – A natural emotion.

In surah Taha, ayat no 67, we are told that Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) conceived in his mind a sort of fear, seeing the clever tricks of the magicians, in the court of Pharoah, which imposed all beholders to believe actually that the rods and ropes of magicians were nothing but snakes in lively motion.
The effect was literally so realistic upon everyone present there, that that the Prophet Moses (pbuh) too conceived a sort of fear.


It was said to him by Him, The Lord Supreme that

“Fear not!
For thou hast indeed
The upper hand”
(Ayat 68, surah Taha)

And the ayat 69 further commands Prophet Moses (pbuh) to throw which was in his right hand.

And we are told that, It quickly swallowed all that which others have faked through tricks.

And, the matter did not end here, the magicians realised that what Moses brought is no lie and they accepted the message of Prophet Moses and Aaron.

Lesson for us – Is to realise that lies will be rampant, the tricks will steer the fear but if the truth bearer, by His Grace, will continue to spread that which is in their right hand (the truth) then the fake, forged, fraudulent, artifice strategem will get all swallowed by The Truth.


What we need to remind ourselves again and again is the 155th ayat of surah baqrah, where Allah swt says –
“And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient the steadfast ones).

We shall be tested and I believe we are actually being tested with *Fear*

We can also relate somewhere how the by and large media is playing its role in spreading the mythos, thus doing their work like the magicians, who were mastered in the art of making illusion seems truth hardcore!

May Allah swt save us from being in heavy trials which we cannot endure and may He bless us to be among those who patiently persevere.

May Allah swt aid us as He has aided Prophet Moses and may we, irrespective of the conceived fear, be able to convey what we are ordained to and we also pray that may the ones who are playing foul and evil, see the truth and recognise it and may they accept it like the magicians of the Pharoah’s court.

As for the Pharoahs, then may Allah swt deal with them.


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