The emotions may settle but dear Asifa

Dear Asifa,
It may happen sooner or later that the high emotions may settle

And you will be another grieved case which has been mourned over.

It may happen that your name may be forgotten.
It may happen that after raising some awareness and writing some posts and blogs, and showing our angst in different forms, we may think enough and will turn this chapter over.

The probability rate is high.

As it has happened in past too, we have been vocal about issues like lynchings, rapes, tortures, pellet guns – to cite a few.

It may happen that we will again get occupied in our busy lives and you will only become a memoir.

And even the thought of this all bring shivers.

The oppressed, denied of justice, will be sooner or later be forgotten!

Then will again arise another case of brutality and we will again do some hue and cry.

But dear Asifa,
You know what?
We have to be vocal, and I know that is not just enough but to be a mute spectator and being dumb upon the atrocities will be like the being the ally of Shaitan.

I know,
It is not enough!
But we will truly try what is in our capability.

The only thing, I want to say dear Asifa, if tomorrow you will be another tragedy who was mourned over, and raised as a serious issue for the time being and then be forgotten again, then dear Asifa, remember Allah swt, The Most Just never forgets.

You must be in peace now.
But we all are in hardships as how to tackle such issues and punish the culprits and provide an atmosphere such that no one has to endure all these horrors over again!

Innalillahi wa’inna ilahi ra’jioon.
To Him we belong and to Him is our return.

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