Dwindling with hardships

Prophet Yusuf a.s said to his father –

وَقَدۡ اَحۡسَنَ بِىۡۤ اِذۡ اَخۡرَجَنِىۡ مِنَ السِّجۡنِ

“He (Allah swt) was kind to me when He rescued me from the prison.”

اِنَّهٗ هُوَ الۡعَلِيۡمُ الۡحَكِيۡمُ‏
“He is All-Knowing, All-Wise.”

Surah Yusuf ayat no 100

As I read this ayat, I wondered, how I would have reacted, if I had been in jail for the crime I didn’t commit?
If I had been in jail for so many years?
Even a single moment in jail for me would have been like –
“Why Allah such a heavy trial upon me? My parents, my family must be grieving because of me, because of my absence, why have You landed me here though I worship You and on the contrary the criminals are free outside, roaming and having all the luxuries of this earthly life from fame to wealth? Is this Your love for me?”

Truly, I would have said it all in one go, if Allah na karey, I would have been in such a situation.

SubhanAllah! We all know Prophet Yaqub a.s wept so much for his son Prophet Yusuf a.s, though he truly believed that Allah swt will help him to come out of this severe hardship, but he wept, he was a very loving father. Allah swt has given emotions to us all, the Prophets (peace be upon them) too had the emotions, they were also humans.

There is no issue in complaining our grief to Him, crying to Him, He is an amazing friend, Al Wali to assist, even Prophet Yaqub a.s wept so much on the “apparent loss” of his beloved son Yusuf a.s, so much that he has lost his eye sight as well, and we know this doesn’t mean he was an ungrateful one, astaghfirullah!

The main point is – he always trusted Allah swt completely despite His emotional pour down.

Coming back to Prophet Yusuf a.s, What is remarkable to note here are the words of Yusuf as – he was giving shukr (gratitude) that He swt has made him to come out of the prison and he said Truly, Allah swt is Al Aleemul Hakeem –  All Knowing, All Wise.

I believe had I been at his place perhaps after getting out of prison, I would have only grieved over the past and the days I spent in prison, I would not have concentrated to the naimat that His will has made this happen that I am out now, perhaps I would have thought why He has made me suffer like that? Perhaps, I would have never focussed on the beautiful asma ul husna – Al Aleem and Al Hakeem.

Perspective, nazariya, our outlook is very important in lives.

Allah swt knows best the reasons behind and hikmah of trials for us.

Dear all, whatever prison you are in right now, may be the prison of living in occupied lands, living in hindu rashtra, living as highly oppressed or whatever your trials are which has made you captive and helpless and confined, don’t ever lose hope. Trust Him, the trials are there to teach us, to refine us, to appreciate His blessings, to trust Him, to know that only Allah swt has the power to help and ease us and to know that He knows it all, He knows the best, we  cannot comprehend everything with our limited zehan (mind).
May be we would have never known the lessons which the trials are teaching us again and again, may be our personalities would be entirely different if we haven’t faced such difficult situations, may be, He is preparing us to confront the hurricanes.

He knows best!

Trust Him, have tawakkul, learn the lessons, reflect on Holy Quran and know He knows it all, He is Al Aleem and Al Hakeem.

Weep, cry, complain to Him and this all is not ingratitude as we have learnt from Prophet Yaqub a.s as far as we are not in despair and as far as we are not saying and believing kalima e kufr in times of hardships,

BUT learn another lesson also from Prophet Yaqub a.s, his so much weeping has caused him to suffer severely, he lost his eye sight, though Allah swt restored it back again alhamdulillah but that was the miracle Allah swt has blessed His Prophet Yusuf a.s to be means of cure for his father’s grieving eyes.

So, dear all – weeping, crying, complaining to Him about your hardships is not ingratitude at all, as far as it is not taking you to hopelessness,
na – ummeedi and deep despair but too much weeping will only affect you ultimately, trust Him, stand again and take your inspiration from His kalaam, Holy Quran.

May Allah swt make us firm on His deen. Ameen.

Peace and blessings be upon Prophet Yusuf and his father, Prophet Yaqub.

May Allah swt be pleased with us AND at the same time we pray He swt save us from the heavy trials which He swt has given to His Prophets and loved ones.

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