Criticize Saudia for Shakira concerts, for killing Yemenis on nationalistic grounds, for their silence on the genocide by Israel –
Lo and behold! You will be termed as blind fan of Iran.

Criticize Iran for their role in Syria, in support of Bashar Al Asad who is the butcher of muslims in Syria, criticize Iran for orchestrating the attack on Israel, and not doing it for the martyred Gaza but for the retaliation of their consulate‚Äôs death on nationalistic ground-the same consulate who was the top figure in supporting Bashar Al-Asad –
Lo and behold! You will be termed as sectarian.

Criticize Turkey for their mere rheotrics –
Lo and behold! You will be termed as pessimistic, as atleast it is saying something as compared to others.

Criticize Pakistan for their inactions, for their betrayal of Uyghur muslims on nationalistic interests with China.
Lo and behold! You will be termed as propagandist.

Criticize Jordan, Egypt and other muslim nations for not doing anything, and being the support of Israel –
Lo and behold you are directed to first correct yourself.

Criticize no one, stay mute and your inner conscience will label you as a coward who is afraid to confront any one feesabeelillah.

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