Blessed are they who underestimate not the plot of chief deceiver

We are living in an age where showing off, exposing your body, flirting, being chased and desired by number of men and women on the basis of physical beauty is considered as “cool”

Living in an age where even the coffee and shampoo commercials are reduced to sensuality. 

Where it is easy  to reveal, expose, gaze, and flirt.

But how beautiful are those brothers and sisters who refrain from these things and choose what Allah swt has ordained for them.

Allah swt has warned us in Holy Quran about shaitan.

Shaitan is an open enemy to us and he plot and play tricks in such a way that one gets deceived by them, he is also described as chief deceiver.

How beautiful are those who take Allah’s warning seriously and they never  underestimate their open enemy- shaitan.

Seriously! brothers and sisters, a big respect for  all those who fear Allah in their public and private lives.

Each time I pass by a brother who lowers his gaze, I just can’t resist by praising Allah and making dua for him.

And each time  I see a girl who is obseving what Allah has asked to observe, I feel like wow MashaAllah, they have everything to reveal but they have chosen to submit to conceal as per His will and I can’t resist to make dua for her.

Now imagine how beautiful must be those brothers and sisters who along with this quality stand  for justice as well and are the voice of the oppressed and are trying their level best to fight oppression, break the shackles of colonised thoughts and make the ummah rise from their slumber despite knowing that they are spied upon and and are branded as radicals and extremists, then too they fear none but Allah.

For them I have no words..

I just want to say salaam on you all, may Allah protect you, keep you under HIS amaanah.

And you all are actually the revolutionaries of this ummah. 

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