While playing with my younger one, we both used the word balance a lot many times.

Balance is a word which is intricate, and complex, not easy to achieve in right context when it comes to life.

The word balance is perhaps tagged in my long term memory with some contextual experiences.

SubhanAllah! how often this term is misused, like for example, there were people who often used to give their unasked advise to me, “strike a balance between deen and dunya.”

SubhanAllah! It is only Allah Who is Al Haadi – The Best to Guide. As I grew up, I realised how messed up our definitions of deen and dunya are in reality.
Deen is a complete way of living life. It is not separate from dunya. Islam is deen.

This very casual usage of “striking a balance between deen and dunya”, has confined deen to only masajid, without realising that deen is a blessing, as mentioned by Allah (swt) in surah maidah ayat 3.

We don’t realise that in striking the so called balance in our lives between deen and dunya, we have forgotten what is deen in reality, and how we need to be working to bring it back in our lives on all levels.

Hasbunallahu wa’nimal wakeel!

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