Yesterday, I somehow watched lots of short videos on protests against the draconian CAB.

What saddens me more were the words of a muslim woman who said that “I tell my kids not to tell his identity and ours while playing in parks as he is bullied there often by non muslims.”

Well! I believe muslims should not hide their identity, being a Muslim is a blessing, one should not hide it, irrespective of the hard times we are living in, and in fact we should educate our kids about their identity and about the environment around us, as well, obviously as per their age and understanding.
If we will ask the kids to hide their identity, it will embed in them a sort of inferiority complex and they will try to escape from it then by abandoning their beautiful deen. Please dont do that!

And second point.
It was good to see protests all around but the weird part is seeing muslims still protesting on roads with voices that Citizen Amendment Bill is against Constitution of India and its secular fabric!

Come on! You should protest because for what you are standing forth is right, India was not secular at all, neither at the time of Congress nor now.
The only difference is, it is crystal clear evident now in case of open fascism.

Secularism is a myth, come out of it!
“AllahuAkbar!” The beautiful words of azaan by muazzin I heard, as I started this post.

May Allah swt bless us and raise from us the people who are just to all without any discrimination. Ameen.

AllahuAkbar, Allah is The Greatest!
He is greater than the fear, the insecurities we are living in, He is The Greatest to plot against those who are mischief makers in the name of peace.

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